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BBC iPlayer: The Merthyr Mermaid

Wow! Well, how did this documentary come about? A total bit of luck really. I was at a meeting with my sponsor Source Insurance to discuss the possibility of an ice mile in Antarctica. After the meeting I went for a coffee with marketing manager Joanna, to discuss my upcoming year of planned swims. We hit it off big style and Joanna was flabbergasted by my

The Merthyr Mermaid

ice swimming dreams. She mentioned that her husband James worked for BBC Sport Wales and that evening she was going to tell him all about me! James was intrigued and asked to meet. He explained an idea for a film documentary - ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I was just about to head off to the World Ice Swimming Championships, so James asked me to bring back some footage to convince his bosses at the BBC that my Antarctica plans would be a "Bobby Dazzler". I think the installation of a garden "swim" freezer on the hottest July day was the icing on the cake for the go ahead. James worked his socks off for me and I can't thank him enough.

Filming in the Snowy Antarctic
On Board the Ushuaia
Studio Filming